According to one Ottawa-based economic forecaster, manufacturing will show steady growth in 2015-16. The Conference Board of Canada is forecasting moderate growth over the next two years. 2014 was a record year for manufacturers recording sales of $16.5 billion. Saskatchewan’s manufacturing sector is dominated by businesses working in the natural resources sector and agricultural industries. Unfortunately this sector hasn’t picked up the slack left by plunging oil prices because this inextricably link to the resource sector. According to Statistics Canada, Saskatchewan’s manufacturing sales fell $20 million to $1.16 billion in September 2015. Despite significant movement to diversify, Saskatchewan’s manufacturing base remains heavily tied to three external factors: price of oil, the price of potash and the strength of the agricultural markets.

Sask Trends Monitor says manufacturing sales, both durable and non durable, have been slipping for most of 2015, with year-to-date sales down 10.2 per cent in the first seven months. Fabricated metal products are down 26 per cent, machinery manufacturing sales are down 27 per cent and other durable goods are down 15 per cent – a broad -based decline. As well 2015 manufacturing employment is down 11 per cent during the first eight months compared to the same period in 2014. Even the low Canadian dollar hasn’t helped manufacturers much.

Locally, this sector includes a diverse production of goods, such as: farm equipment, transportation equipment, petroleum products, glass beads for industrial use, asphalt and concrete batch plants, gravel pits, clothing, jewelry, etc.

OIL REFINERY Moose Jaw Refinery is a petroleum processing plant that produces products for asphalt road construction and roofing flux for asphalt shingle industry, along with other products used in the oil and gas sector.

EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING The equipment manufacturing sector, including agricultural equipment, is growing rapidly thanks to the quality of Canadian products. Moose Jaw is proud of local companies such as Doepker Industries (industrial trailers) and Haukaas Manufacturing (agricultural equipment).