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Health Services Moose Jaw serves as a regional health care centre, with a major hospital, rehabilitation centre and long term care facility. Five outpatient clinics also provide residents with easy access to over 40 physicians and surgeons.

NEW $100 MILLION HOSPITAL OPEN The Five Hills Health Region has opened the new Dr. F. H. Wigmore Regional Hospital, a $100.9 million state-of-the-art, primary health care facility to replace the Moose Jaw Union Hospital. This is the first large hospital in Canada using lean design. The site of the new hospital is adjacent the Trans-Canada Highway, two blocks east of Main Street near the Western Development Museum.

The new hospital will utilize the “lean” principle in its layout and design, wherein medical staff and services are pooled around the patient to help eliminate waste in hospital processes. The result is better and more efficient patient care. Complimentary services are located close to one another. The three-story, 72-bed facility features four operating rooms and two procedure rooms. A helicopter pad will be located off the Trans-Canada Highway to allow emergency access. The building is designed with durable energy efficient materials. There will be separate public parking lots located close to the building which will allow for those seeking outpatient services, such as dialysis, to park closer to where they need to go. A special corridor is used for ‘staff only’ to better facilitate their movement from one area to the next. The public and patients are segregated to one area and staff and supplies are segregated to an area behind the scenes.

Surgery, day surgery, observation and the lab will be located on the main floor. Mental health and addictions, ICU and medicine will be found on the second floor. Women’s services and surgical beds will be located on the third floor.

Separate public parking lots located close to the building allow those seeking outpatient services, such as dialysis, to park closer to where they need to go inside. A helicopter pad is close by to allow emergency air access.

Moose Jaw is the newest provincial site for the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine’s Residency Training Program. Currently there are 120 post-graduate doctoral positions in the province.

CLOSURE OF VALLEY VIEW CENTRE The Province of Saskatchewan recently announced that Valley View Centre will be closing in 2016-17. The closure of such a large institutional long term care facility will challenge the community to transition 197 residents into new homes in the community and re-engage its workforce of over 200 into new jobs.