Economic Outlook

Saskatchewan and Moose Jaw have experienced sustained growth in virtually every category: GDP, population, building permits, housing starts, investment and job formation. If all of these fundamentals for growth continue to exist then the local economy should continue to grow, just maybe not at the same pace as a few years ago. In the past several years Moose Jaw has been part of the economic win-fall that has changed the face of Saskatchewan. The local economy is inextricably linked to Saskatchewan’s resource economy and depends on the health of the mining and agricultural sectors. Fortunately Moose Jaw’s economy does not rely on the oil and gas sector and is lucky to have avoided the kinds of cutbacks being experienced everywhere else in the province. Moose Jaw’s economy continues to perform fairly well because it is located near vast reserves of high quality potash and the city is located in the heart of some of the most fertile agricultural lands on the planet.

Future growth is tied to attracting more ag-value added processing for export globally. These are the types of processing plants that will help diversify the local economy and create hundreds of jobs providing economic spin-off to the entire community. The City’s new industrial park will be fully serviced and provide rail access to the CP mainline. Rail access is attractive to ag-exporters and makes Moose Jaw’s industrial park one of the more unique available in Western Canada.

The local economy is expected to be stable in 2016 thanks to many of its world class companies operating in the Moose Jaw Regina Industrial Corridor, such as Mosaic Potash, Yara, Terra Grains and
K+S Potash – providing the foundation for continued investment.

MOOSE JAW CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ECONOMIC OUTLOOK SURVEY None of the local businesses surveyed in mid-2015 expects a decrease in revenue, job losses, or wage reductions, demonstrating that most local businesses remain fairly optimistic despite apprehension over the sharp drop in the price of oil.